Savannah "Sav" Thorpe

Woman ~ Woman of Color ~ Colorful Person

Savannah Thorpe Front Page HeadshotSavannah Thorpe is a writer and local activist in Lancaster, PA. She’s a hype woman, a comms nerd, and a ruthless advocate for equality and social progress. She’s a podcast and audiobook junkie, a Supreme Court enthusiast, a strong intersectional feminist, and Google-calendar fiend.

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Savannah is running communications for Jaime Arroyo’s City Council Campaign and working on some freelance projects. Up until the 2018 midterm elections, Savannah worked on the Jess King for Congress campaign in Pennsylvania’s 11th district doing communications and digital project management. Savannah is also an active member of Global Shapers in the Lancaster hub and is a board member at large for The Common Wheel, a nonprofit community bike organization.